What services we provide

We’re providing first-class internet providing service in Sirajganj and other places in Bangladesh.

Home Internet

Sarker Net are one of the most reliable broadband internet and network for both gamers and regular users.

Corporate/SME Internet

We offer our corporate and SME consumers dedicated internet connections to ensure network stability.

Network Solutions

Sarker Net provides both LAN & WAN networks solutions. With the help of our experienced network engineers, we ensure the most efficient Network solutions for our clients.

Network Security

Sarker Net provides VPN, Antivirus, CCTV IP surveillance solutions ensuring top of the line security to your end.

CCTV System Solutions

Sarker Net provides high end CCTV and IP surveillance solutions.

Wi-Fi Internet

Wi-Fi internet connectivity with multiple upstream support and multiple backup links to ensure 99.9% uptime.